RICOH International B.V. German Branch

Produkcja i sprzedaż wysokiej jakości obiektywów i systemów kamer.

RICOH International B.V. German Branch

ul. Oberrather Strasse 6
40472 Düsseldorf
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Opis działalności

Ricoh's core business is the development, production and sale of high-quality lenses and camera systems.

While the company's core business is industrial and office printing, Ricoh also has a diverse product portfolio including healthcare, photography, automotive solutions, embedded technologies, optical devices, and manufacturing equipment.

Ricoh Company, Ltd was founded in 1936, the Ricoh Group is now 222 companies with 98,000 employees and sales of 16.1 billion euros (2,063 billion yen).

The scope of products / services

Ricoh Machine Vision lenses and SC-10A camera
• Ricoh Machine Vision was founded in 1959 As Cosmicar, changing to Pentax in 2000 and finally to Ricoh in 2012
• Focuses on the development, production and sale of high-quality optics for applications in machine vision and image processing.

Ricoh SC-10 Camera Assist System
• It is an all-in-one device, specially designed to ensure the quality of manual assembly processes and for Pokayoke purposes, thanks to the use of image recognition technology at every stage of assembly.
• Ideally suited for the assembly of plastic products and the automotive segment as it provides traceability in the form of digital log files and saved images.

In addition, Ricoh offers a wide range of Machine Vision lenses.
• To meet almost any need, producing a range of fixed focal length lenses in VGA, 2MP, 5MP and 9MP resolutions, line scan lenses and specialty UV lenses.

All Ricoh Machine Vision lenses have been developed with an emphasis on quality and performance, and designed for a long maintenance-free period, achieved by combining modern technologies with precise production.