ACCO International Ltd

One of the leading exhibition companies in Ukraine, which has been operating in the field of exhibition business since 1992

Dane kontaktowe:
ul. 40- B, Pobedy Avenue
Ukraine, 03680 Kiev

Activity description

Nowadays,"ACCO International" is a dynamic and innovative company maintaining the highest quality of services in exhibition business. The secret of our success lies in our flexibility, our ability to adapt rapidly to market conditions, which gives us an opportunity to have the edge over competitors.
Due to successful work, ACCO International has a good reputation as a safe partner and is one of the most professional B2B events organizers in Ukraine.
Today in the Company's portfolio are 9 specialized exhibition events; most of them are recognized as the main branch events in their fields. They are:  BABY EXPO, WORLD OF STATIONERY, BABY FASHION, INPRODMASH, UPAKOVKA, LISDEREVMASH, SWEETS UKRAINE, BAKERY UKRAINE, AUTODOREXPO.
ACCO International establishes strategic partnerships with other organizers and continues to explore new products, markets, industries and venue opportunities.
A comprehensive advertising campaign based on various media, newspapers and magazines, direct mail, public relations and personal visits to both domestic and national associations and organizations.
We deal with all aspects of the clients’ needs, from concept and design to construction and installation of exhibition stands.