Competek SAS bases in France

a world leader in the design and industrialisation of PET containers

Dane kontaktowe:
ul. ZAE du Pont Neuf, 11 Rue de la Bonne Fin,
Francja, 16130 Salles-d’Angles

Activity description

Born in 2021 joining COMEP and PET Engineering forces, Competek is revolutionizing the PET Packaging Industry.

Thanks to its approach, he is the one-stop-shop partner able to go from Packaging Engineering to Line implementation in a single solution and whatever the brand of the line.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary logic in which engineers, technicians and researchers collaborate to provide added value, guaranteeing the best service possible and the ability to compete at the highest levels on domestic and international markets, Competek has become a unique intermediary providing unique Sustainable Packaging Solutions to the Food, Beverage and HPC Packaging Manufacturers.
COMPETEK’s services fully reflect the experience and know-how developed in over 20 years by two established global companies: PET Engineering and COMEP.

PET Engineering has always specialized in the engineering and industrialization of new packaging solutions, with a special view to their implementation on customer lines. The core business of the French based company COMEP consisted instead in the development and production of moulds for PET containers- well appreciated both for their superior quality and high technology content.

COMPETEK, based in France but with an international vision provids a full range of packaging services no matter what the customer’s platform; Packaging Engineering, Packaging Optimization (Lightweight, RPET, Tethered cap), Moulds, Line Conversion.

All the solutions in one partner!