HDPE-LDPE Plastic Film Blown Lines, Plastic Recycling Machines

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ul. Mermerciler Sanayi Sitesi 2
Cadde No:1 Beylikdüzü / Istanbul, Turkey

Activity description

Our company went into action by the name of “Palmak Yedek Parça Sanayi” in manufacturing of “Machine Spare Parts” in 1980. After having got the name of “Erpermak Makina” in 1990 our company has been manufacturing Plastic Film Extruder (Bodünöz).

Our company has the clients in various cities within Turkey as well as in Russian Federation, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosova, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Suria, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

We feel proud to present to your admiration Plastic Film Extruder and Recycle Machine in different types that we have manufactured in the result of the devoted careful working.