Fournier Polymers Group

Fournier Polymers Group is an official distributor for commodity and engineering polymers.

Dane kontaktowe:
ul. Hoevestein 36F
Netherlands, 4903SC Oosterhout

Activity description

Fournier Polymers Group is an official distributor for ExxonMobil, Eni Versalis, Borealis, Radici Plastics, Polychim, LG Chemicals, Elastron, Ducor and others.

Fournier Group is the link between the producer and covertors/compounders and traders. We provide an intricate distribution of commodity and engineering polymers, mainly prime  but also off-grade and recycled materials.

Fournier Polymers Group is almost 50 years active on the polymers market. Fournier Polymers Group has multiple offices in Europe and North-Africa.

Fournier Polymers makes sure that the whole process takes place smoothly and in line with your quality requirements. For you this means: professional staff who speak the language of the market and up-to-date order tracking thanks to a first-rate information system and we are also ISO 9001 certified.

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