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Thermoforming, GEOMAXX cell geogrid, geogrid, vacum thermoforming, packaging, transport spacers, technological covers

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Activity description

The company Geo Globe Polska Sp. z o.o. Limited partnership (formerly Kruk i Fischer Sp.z o.o.) is a dynamically developing company operating on the Polish market in the plastics industry since 1993. The Geo Globe Polska company carries out its production in two departments:

  • Thermoforming of plastics
  • Geomaxx cell geogrid production

We start our cooperation with an in-depth diagnosis of the client's needs. Geo Globe Polska serves its customers from the first sketches to the final production of the detail. On the basis of the interviews and the delivered details or their drawings, we prepare professional design, which will be used in the production process. Our constructors and technologists are responsible and creative customer advisors, trying to accurately translate all the guidelines contained in the order into the product. We use high-quality raw materials and materials to manufacture our products. The most commonly used raw materials are ABS, PS, PC, HDPE and PVC. We produce thin plates by extrusion based on PP, PE, ABS, PS. Knowing the properties of individual materials, we are able to choose the most suitable material for each product. The tools used to execute the order (forms, handles, dies, etc.) are designed according to the individual needs of a specific project. The cooperation with the automotive industry in which we have a strong position as a supplier is particularly important for the company's development:

  • components for vehicle production
  • technological covers
  • dedicated transport and intermediate spacers
  • dedicated returnable packaging - the Trójpak system
  • lining of machine cabins, buses, etc.
Our projects and realizations:

Universal Returnable Packaging System - Three-pak Our company has developed and implemented into production a universal system of reusable packaging Three-pak, consisting of:

  • Pallets with standard dimensions of 800x1200mm, 1000x1200mm (or on individual customer's request in a different format) made of high-quality materials (PS/PE Blend)
  • Folding walls made of cardboardplast
  • Plastic lids (PS / PE Blend) closing the container, with dimensions adapted to the dimensions of the pallet.
The system of ecological containers - EKO-LAMP

We have developed a system of ecological containers for the storage and transport of used fluorescent lamps and high pressure lamps. EKO-LAMP containers consist of a container and a lid closed with buckles. It is a practical and safe way of storing and transporting used light sources containing dangerous mercury compounds. This solution was awarded a Distinction at the 3rd International Fair of Plastics Processing PLASTPOL'99

For several years, we have been the producer of the GEOMAXX cell geogrid. The GEOMAXX cell geogrid produced by us optimally solves the problem of poor soil bearing capacity, while reducing the costs associated with its strengthening. General use of the cell geogrid:

  • protection of slopes and slopes from erosion
  • stabilization of embankments,
  • construction of retaining walls,
  • strengthening of channels, drainage ditches and other water structures
  • stabilization of road surfaces and substructures, including highways
  • foundation of buildings.
Effects occur min. in the form of durable, durable surfaces resistant to high loads. We produce cellular geogrids:
  • about the height of the cell: 50, 75, 100, 150 m, 200, 250 i 300 mm
  • made of double-sided textured tapes, marking – TN
  • made of textured and perforated tapes, marking - TP
The assortment determines the size of the cell, which is determined by the distance between the seals on the tape:
  • GWS330 - 330 mm +/- 2% GWS356- 356 mm +/- 2%
  • GWS375 - 375 mm +/- 2%
  • GWM462- 462 mm +/- 2%
  • GWL660 - 660 mm +/- 2%
  • GWL712- 712 mm +/- 2%
  • GWL750- 750 mm +/- 2%
Scompliance with the requirements of harmonized standards relating to this construction product is confirmed by the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1488-CPR-0079 / Z issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. We operate on the basis of the Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. A significant achievement of our company in 2008 is obtaining the Polish Promotional Emblem "Teraz Polska" in the category of the best product for the cellular geogrid we produce. SGeo Globe Polska guarantees its clients timely and reliable execution of orders and high-quality products. We invite you to cooperation!