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Polymer Lab & Pilot Machines Fabrication, Customization, Design

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Activity description

Design, customize, fabricate and sell polymer Lab & Pilot machines.

It has been10 years that POTOP supplies equipment for polymer testing and polymer analyzing in laboratory, and customized machines or lines for polymer shaping process to research institutes, universities and companies - among of them are Fortune Global 500 companies.

Working with some leading companies in the world, POTOP has the chance to confront the most challenging and demanding requirements of cutting-edge polymer technology. This has empowered POTOP to have strong capabilities to tackle any problems in technology of its field.

Universal Polymer Shaping Process Machines

POTOP provides various polymer shaping process machines, which can be integrated into different lines. For example, casting film machine, calendaring machine, MDO-Stretching machine etc.

Standard Machines
Torque Rheometer

Mixing chamber has volume of 55mL, 200mL, 300mL as options, the Torque Rheometer has drive and control measurement functions and equipped with precision torque sensor, precision planetary reducer and servo motor. It is used to analyze the plasticization and rheological properties of polymer materials, helping users to carry out inspection and processing design of raw material.

Capillary Rheometer

The capillary rheometer consists of precision screw extrusion system, capillary die or narrow slit die, and weighing unit. There are optional dies with different caliber and aspect ratio, extrusion by screw allows the polymer to pass through the capillary at a constant flow rate, by testing the pressure drop created between the two specific pressure points, under these conditions, the shear stress and shear rate of the polymer melt with Newtonian rheological properties were calculated through the software.

Filtration Pressure Value Tester

The filtration pressure value tester consists of precision screw extrusion system and special melt pump. The melt pressure sensor is installed in front of the pump and a pressure-screw-speed control loop is formed. Screen changer can be disassembled and assembled easily and quickly for easy replacement of the screen, the perforated plate support multi-layer screen. The test curves and reports of FPV filtration pressure value can be generated by testing and recording the pressure changes during polymer extrusion with melt pressure sensor through dedicated software.