Hexpol TPE

Thermoplastic elastomers TPE, advanced polymer compounds (TPS, TPO, TPU, TPV, Biobased)

Dane kontaktowe:
ul. Skeppsbron 3
Szwecja, 211 20 Malmo

Activity description

We were among the 1st companies to produce TPEs in
Europe, and more than 50 years later, the possibilities continue to inspire us
– yes, we’re self-confessed TPE freaks! Our international teams work
with customers around the world, developing new polymer combinations and
creating customized materials that are safer, more durable, more sustainable.

Some Fast Facts

80,000 + t/p.a. Production Capacity. Across our Sweden, UK, German, China and North
America operations.

50 + Years History. We’ve a proud heritage in flexible polymer compounding and were among the 1st
to produce TPEs in Europe.

34,796 + Product Formulations. A comprehensive portfolio in TPE, TPS, TPO, TPU, TPV, soft PVC & Biobased technologies.
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More details, also in Polish: https://www.hexpol.com/tpe/contact/pl/