ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co.KG

Paints for the colouring and coating of plastics.

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ul. Cliev 11
51515 Kürten-Herweg, Poland


SL-Chemie has undergone dynamic development in recent years. In addition to strengthening the international scope of our operations, the challenge we faced in doing so was to further develop the high quality of our products and services when compared with those at the international level.

Despite the change, we have preserved the core values that made us what we are. We have not lost the ability to listen in close dialogs with our customers; we will continue to do our utmost to offer prompt and customized solutions based on our entire expertise, solutions as distinctive and individual as a fingerprint.
or more than 35 years we have been dealing with color pastes and specialty paints for the coloring and coating of plastics.

The iSL product ranges comprises single- and multiple pigment color pastes, dye-based pastes as well as solvent-containing and water bases specialty paints for various thermosetting plastic applications.