Ningo Goal Sure Machining Co. ,Ltd

aluminum die casting ,custom design parts,aluminum die casting mold

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ul. Dong Qiao Zhen Bai Liang Qiao Cun, Haishu District
Chiny, 305121 Ningbo

Activity description

Ningo goal sure machining co. ,ltd was founded in 2001, located aluminum die casting mold hometown Ningbo. we use most advanced simulation software of JSCAST for precision high pressure die casting tooling, strong technical support for your new die casting parts design. Report including temperature field analysis, solidification analysis, velocity analysis. Facility including cold chamber die casting machines from 280T-1600T. all of our die casting machines equipped with automatic assistances, feeding manipulator, spraying manipulator, fetching manipulator, model constant temperature control system. 400T die spotting machine.