Romcarbon SA

Plastic packaging manufacturer: PP, PE, PS; plastic compounder;

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ul. 132, Transilvaniei st.
Romania, 120012 Buzau

Activity description

ROMCARBON is a Romanian company that acts mainly in the field of plastics processing, serving mostly food and agriculture industries, through the plastic packaging it produces. Having a tradition of over 60 years in polymer processing, ROMCARBON is today a well-known brand on both Romanian and European market. In the past three years the company has opened a new direction of development in plastics recycling and production of virgin and recycled raw materials and compounds.
Currently, ROMCARBON manufactures and sells:
Packaging Polypropylene (raffia)
Romcarbon is leader on Romanian market of small bags of polypropylene. Our product portfolio includes laminated bags, non-laminated bags, bags lined with polyethylene, bags with valve, polypropylene fabric, polypropylene tape. Intended for packaging of powdery or granular products, the bags have a packaging capacity between 5 and 50 kg of sugar, rice, flour, grain, salt, nitrates, fertilizer, lime, cement, feed, animal feed, etc.

Polyethylene Packaging
ROMCARBON is the first Romanian producer of coextruded film in 3 layers of large size, from 2 to 12 m width. The product range includes basic film, general purpose film, construction film, greenhouse film, printed shrinkable film and covers, transparent film for plant germination.

Polystyrene packaging
Romcarbon produces polystyrene trays - regular or absorbent - and catering for the packaging of meat and meat products, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, fast food and catering products.

Plastic compounds and regenerated polymers (secondary raw materials)

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.


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