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ul. Rue Henry Bessemer, ZI Acti-Est, CS 10084
85003 La Roche Sur Yon, France


Our sprue pickers are the perfect complement to our range of robots

- Easy adjustment of strokes and almost instant change of unloading side and angle.
- Safety lock on vertical arm.
- Gripper with electric sensor as standard.

Available as an option :
- 90° wrist rotation (rotation axis parallel to main arm axis).
- Vacuum circuits for part removal by suction cups.

The latest technology for Simple Pick & Place

A new simple and efficient electronic control for pick & place applications on IMMs from 20 to 700 Tons.
Available for your 3 axes CNC robots Axess

enables the creation of a simple unloading
cycle by questions and answers and graphic illustration,
without any knwoledge of a programming language.

Axess Touch is a technology resolutely tuned to simplicity and user-friendliness.

The multi CNC axes generation IV robots are driven by the Visual Sepro electronic system. Our electronic system is based on touchscreen and graphic screen technology.

Visual Sepro is extremely powerful, so it can control up to 8 CNC axes simultaneously.
Generation GIV, based on high-tech technology, is particularly well suited for a large panel of applications, from Simple Pick & Place to more complex applications (IML, ..)