Slovnaft Plc

Refinery and HDPE manufacturer

Dane kontaktowe:
ul. Vlčie hrdlo 1
Slovakia, 824 12 Bratislava


SLOVNAFT Plc., based in Bratislava is refinery with annual processing capacity of 5,5 – 6 mil ton. The company core business is production, warehousing, wholesale and retail sales and distribution. SLOVNAFT Plc. dispose with the largest retail network in SK offering top quality motor fuels and lubricants as well as related customer services including shop, gastro service, car wash and some others.
The new PP3 production unit in SLOVNAFT and the new HDPE in TVK Tiszaújváros with combined annual output of 1.2 million tons of plastics ranks MOL Group among the biggest producers of plastics in Central Europe as well as among significant players on the whole European market.