Somlita UAB

UAB Somlita produce various LDPE films and recycled LDPE granules.

Dane kontaktowe:

ul. Rieses 4
14266 Riese, Lithuania

Activity description

UAB Somlita  produce various LDPE films for greenhouses, building construction, packing and etc since 1995 in Lithuania.
From 2015 we started sort and granulate the LDPE waste. Now we can offer for manufacturers our LDPE recycled granules and shredded polyethylene “bones”. 


QA – LDPE regranulate (A qual.), 100% LDPE. MFI 0.3-1.0. Limited volume per month.

QF – LDPE regranulate (white), 100% LDPE. MFI 0.3-0.8. Limited volume per month.

QC – LDPE regranulate (black, dark grey). MFI 0.3-1.1.

QE – LDPE regranulate (translucent). MFI 0.5 – 1.5.

QB – LDPE regranuler (transparent). MFI 0.8-1.6.

QD – LDPE regranulate (light grey). MFI 0.3.-0.8.

QG – LLDPE regranulate (transparent). MFI 1.5-4.0.