Thinwall solution limited

Manufacturer of containers and packaging for food & drinks

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ul. Building A, No. 7, Line 1 East Area, Xinfa Industrial Estate,
Chiny, 518125 Xinqiao Village, Shajing Town, Baoan District

Activity description

Thinwall solution limited is a subsidiary company of Shouju Industrial (Group) Limited, specialized in In-Mold Labeling system solution and thin wall molding .In May 1987,SHOUJU was established in Hong Kong for precision injection molds. In resent years, in order to meet the requirements of market and customers, we are moving forward to In-Mold Labeling and thin wall molding area , commit ourselves to customers In-Mold Labeling system solutions, product design, mold building, and so on the whole solutions, help customers lower the cost, add product value, and keep ahead of the competitors.
Thinwall Technology offers thin wall mold building and IML whole system solution and win-win cooperation.

Industries that we offer: Food industry:The container and packaging for drinks( Such as, tea, coffee, milk, condiment) ,ice-cream, food and so on
Medicine Industry: The packaging for Medicine, health care products.
Electronic Industry: SD card, the container of battery, connector and so on
Daily use chemical Industry: The packaging for Cosmetic product; the container of oil and chemical product