Yineng Precision Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Plastic injection moulding maker, double mould, two shot mould, over mould,plastic production

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ul. BeifangYongfa Industrial Zone, Shayi, Xinhe Road, Shajing Street, Bao'an District
Chiny, 518104 Shenzhen

Activity description

◆ YiNeng Precision Mould(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd was established in July 1999.Located in Shenzhen.It's a comprehensive enterprise which specilized in PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD MAKING and PLASTIC MOLDED PARTS production services.
◆ Our mould and moulded parts have a wide range industry.including automotive , home appliance , telecom , household appliance , medical devices , toy etc.Our mould mainly includes: PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD , DOUBLE INJECTION MOULD , RAPID prototype , OVER MOULD , TWO SHOT MOLD , DIE CASTING mould and blow mold as well as BMC mold, MUD mold of DME standard and quick change system mold of HASCO standard.
◆ In the plastic product production,We can also provide full services from INJECTION MOLDING , painting, silkscreen, pad printing and hot stamping etc service.
◆ YiNeng Precision Mould has a powerful design , development and production capacity,with a high quality and rich experience group of design and developer and administrator:more than 20 senior management,50 professional engineering staff and over 200 technician.We are accomplished in HASCO standard , DME standard , MISUMI standard etc mold standard.Skilled hot runner technology , mold flow analysis technology , hot balance technology , gas assisted technology are widely used in mold DESIGN and MANUFACTURE , won trust and high opinion from customers deeply.