Elkom Trade S.A.

Mesh containers – ET’BOXES, tops, rollcontainers, storage racks, storage frames

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ul. Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 51/622 A
Polska, 04-028 Warszawa

About us

ELKOM TRADE has more than 45-years of experience in the metal industry. We specialize in top quality logistics and warehouse systems. We excel in technology mesh containers, metal tops, roll containers and constructions of profiles. Elkom Trade is the first Polish manufacturer of cage systems for laying hens and quails. We equip stables comprehensively for the rest of the livestock. Producing shop and workshop furniture we develop an assortment in the modular display systems.

We are still looking for modern design and technology solutions to effectively compete in new industries.

We optimize logistics processes in the client’s warehouses in the field of rotating packaging. We specialize in comprehensive management of rotating packaging through:
  • creating the concept of a package
  • production
  • delivery to the customer and / or supply chain integrators
  • service and / or disposal of packaging

We offer flexible forms of cooperation, including short-term and long-term rental. We comprehensively manage logistics processes in the customer's enterprise by offering full outsourcing services related to rotating packaging. We are distinguished by quality and timeliness. Our products are gaining recognition world's leading companies and they are sold to markets almost all over the world. We are proud of many references and congratulatory letters. Numerous certificates i.a. ISO 9001 authenticate our achievements in improving the quality of production and cooperation with the customer.

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