Achaika Plastics

Flexible packaging film industry

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ul. 4, Fteris str.
25 100 Aigio, Greece

Activity description

Achaika Plastics is an establish company plastics packaging company established on 1984 after the merge of the following companies : Thanassoulias Bros Ltd. Founded in 1960.Thanassoulias and Sons founded in 1956.Imports - Exports I. Thanassoulias Ltd. Founded in 1965. In our days there are 3 production factories. The first one (and the central offices) are located at South - West of Greece, in town of Egion and the other two factories, at North - East of Greece in Komotini town. The area in which Achaika Plastics lays total, (with offices and warehouses at capital of Greece in Athens) is 65,500 square meters.