Addcomp Holland BV

Addcomp develops and produces "one-pack additive systems" for application in Polyolefins, Polystyrene, Polyester (PET), Polyamides (PA), etc.

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ul. Rudolf Dieselstraat 8
7442 DR NIJVERDAL, Netherlands

Activity description

Addcomp Holland BV develops and produces one-pack additive systems for application in Polyolefins, Polystyrene (PS), Polyester (PET), Polyamides (PA), etc. We are focused on providing innovations to our customers and therefore we invest significant resources in product- and process development. Additive systems enhance the performance of polymers. We sell products to the following branches of the polymer industry:

Polymer producers
Polyolefins, Styrenics, Polyamide, Polyester, etc

Polymer converters
for instance for the following processes / applications:

Tape- and fibre/filament, and non-wovens
Injection moulding
Blow moulding
Other extrusion processes: film (including BOPP) pipes, sheets, etc.
Polymer recycling
Additive producers
We provide a wide range of manufacturing services to additive producers:

Compacted products and masterbatches
Manufacturing technology development
Addcomp does not produce and offer colour masterbatches or mineral filled compounds. Currently we sell more than 600 products (proprietary- and development grades included).

Leading technology
Addcomp were founded in 1997 as a supplier of Polymer Additives Solutions to the polymer industry. Since 1997 Addcomp have experienced rapid growth in both turnover and product development. This has led us achieving Technology Fast 50 status in the Netherlands.