Afa Dispensing Group

Supplier of technologically advanced liquid dispensing systems.

Dane kontaktowe:

ul. Herikerbergweg 286
1101 CT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Detailed description

Afa Dispensing Group of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a major trigger sprayer supplier in Europe and a world leader in technologically advanced liquid dispensing systems. The company was the first producer of trigger sprayers in Europe almost 40 years ago.

Afa’s recent innovations are expanding dispensing capabilities to beverages, soft food products and beyond. The latest Afa technology, Flair®, offers a non-pressurized propellant-free dispensing system for a wide range of applications.
The Dutch company was founded in 1965 as Polytek, a custom injection-molder servicing several industries. Shortly after this, the company moved into the trigger sprayer industry, being the first company to offer the product in Europe. Since then, Afa has continued to focus its business on its own products, introducing a variety of dispensing solutions based on its patented technologies to the market.


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