Chesapeake Plastics Kft

High-performance plastic bottles and containers

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ul. P.O. Box. 17
H-8182 Peremarton-gyartelep,


We design and manufacture high-performance plastic bottles and containers and supply a full range of HDPE / PET bottles and containers to multinational companies as well as smaller more specialist businesses.

Our proprietary fluorination process provides a protective barrier that ensures our bottles and containers are both reliable and secure. Fluorinated containers are ideally suited to a broad range of market sectors and applications including agrochemicals, inks and varnishes, oils, food flavorings and fragrances. Many of our packs are supported by UN Certification and our extensive range of equipment allows us to produce varying order quantities in a cost-effective manner.

With production sites in France, England, Hungary and China, we are also committed to developing an extensive supply network to serve our customers.


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