Crizaf s.p.a.

Conveyor belts, Stocking systems, Carrousels, Separators, Belts, Special applications

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ul. Via Grieg 15
21047 Saronno (VA),


Crizaf was established in 1954 as an engineering workshop for the fabrication and manufacture of products covering a wide range of sectors, above all the railway industry. Our company has undergone considerable changes over the years up to 1977 when, on request of a die maker, we produced our first belt conveyor. During these 30 years we have been concerned with the design and manufacture of belt conveyors, sorting and automation systems.
In these years we have gained much satisfaction from our products, many of which have been patented, and they have enabled us to expand our sales network first in Europe, then throughout the world; but above all they have allowed us chance to make friends who believe in our professional skills.
Currently CRIZAF consists of 3 production sites in the world and we manufacture machinery for the plastic, food and pharmaceutical industries.