DoRex M+A Consultants GmbH

Merger and Acquisition specialist

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ul. Balthasarstr. 66
D-50670 Köln, Germany


Our company exists since 1995. From the beginning we concentrated as a Merger and Acquisition specialist on middle-class, family owned industrial companies and on the higher middle class. Only the total management of mergers by a professional adviser guarantees an optimum result. Strategically approach, comprehensive market survey, preparation detached from the daily business and discreetly in the background, evaluations of assessment, recognise of possible obstacles and early preparation of potential transaction concepts influence the result substantially. Every concluded project marks a contented customer and our own success which is directly combined with the success of our clients.

The key of our success is based of the concentration on certain industrial branches, our specific adjustment on the individual needs of middle sized families owned companies, the special attention of the interests of the involved people, our experience in dealing with investors of different scale, the direct access to decision-makers as well as long-standing experience in our target markets. Basic know-how and conditions of our success are the command of complicated Merger-and Acquisition processes, comprehensive service of our customers, absolutely discretion, juridical competence according to tax law, efficiency of the project control, negotiation talent and the constant removal of our partner network.


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