Manufacturer of melt pressure and temperature sensors, instrumentation and analyzers

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ul. Pfaffenstr. 21
74078 74078, Germany

Activity description

Dynisco is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of melt pressure and temperature sensors, instrumentation and analyzers. Our melt pressure transmitters and transducers provide accurate and repeatable measurements, are designed for high temperatures, and can withstand the most abrasive and corrosive environments in applications such as plastics extrusions, oil services, food and medical, injection, blow molding and resin production.

We manufacture a variety of instruments including dependable, user-friendly indicators, controls and signal conditioners for pressure and temperature monitoring applications.

In addition, Dynisco polymer testing equipment including on-line and capillary rheometers, melt flow indexers, pendulum impact testers and other polymer lab material property analyzers deliver highly accurate, cost-effective test solutions.

Dynisco also offers a wide range of accessories from cables to calibrators, plus miscellaneous laboratory equipment including our precision laboratory or small-sized granulator.