GuanLi Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Laser engraver, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine

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ul. No.15 Si Fang Yuan industrial zone, Xin Sha Pu, Huaide community, Humen Town,
China, 523926 Dongguan

Activity description

GuanLi Laser Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the popular laser equipment production enterprise in domestic market. It is the incorporation for light, machine, and electronic and the forthgoer for generalizing and popularizing laser equipment. Devoting in the researching, producing, and selling of industrial laser equipment.

For a long time, the company to win the customer with its unity, and progress, quality first professional quality, innovative and pioneering spirit and user services to the principle of the supremacy of credibility, become the new industry-wide automation applications of laser pioneer and leader.

Company produces several series of a variety of laser equipment and fully automatic laser marking system, including automated laser cutting machines, high-speed laser cutting machines, CO2 laser marking machines, YAG laser marking machines, semiconductor end-laser marking systems, flight laser marking system, laser marking system, two-dimensional code system, key special laser cutting, marking system, laser automatic welding machines, laser welding equipment and automated mold burning matching program. It is widely used in clothing, footwear, handicrafts, mobile communications, electronic circuits, automotive accessories, craft jewelry, instrumentation, hardware, mold, food and medicine in various industries.