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Manhole cover,rain gutter,fence,flower pot,tree grill

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ul. 9th Floor,North Building of Dongyi TimeZone,No.38 Renmin Road, Changsha City,Hunan Province,China
410016 Changsha, China

Activity description

Hunan Timelion Composite Materials Co.,Ltd was established in 1998, which is the largest composite manhole cover manufacturer in China, specializing in producing and supplying composite material(FRP/GRP) manhole cover, rain-grating ,tree-grating,flower pot,fence and so on.Our products are strictly produced according to the BS EN124 and have obtained various kinds of certificates. Until now, our competitive products not only had good market in home, but also exported to many countries such as Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam,United Arab Emirates,Oman,Bulgaria,kuwait, Qatar,India,Greece,Spain and so on.
Our composite materials manhole covers are suitable for a huge range of applications that include:
1. Underground Electrical Installations: Draw pits, traffic lights, street lighting, Fiber optic cable ducts etc.
2.Telecommunication: Connection chambers, Water, Gas, Petrochemical Installations.
Advantage of our composite manhole cover:
1. No recycle value:Its popularity will contribute the manhole cover-stolen problem thoroughly.
2. High load capacity:Its high load capacity exceeds the ductile iron manhole cover.
3. Free design:It can be designed individually in terms of users' demands.
4. Good decorative effect:It can be designed in various colors and patterns with artistic effect of relief.
5. Long service life:There is no any crack in the experiment of 2,000,000 fatigue shocks.
6. Well sealed:It can be used to hermetically, and effectively prevent those poisonous gases leaking out from cesspool.
7. No any jangle:There is neither jangle nor rebound when cars pass by.
8. Good wear and corrosion resistance:It has good wear and corrosion resistance and it will be never rusted.

Our products have obtained various kinds of certificates, including:
1. Patent certificates for new applied products Patent Number: ZL01257174.1 & ZL 02277033X issued by China National Knowledge Property Right Bureau
2. Gold Medal at 2003's Hong Kong International Patent Technology Fair
3. Quality System Certificate Issued by China National Imp. & Exp. Commodities Inspection Corp.
4. Certificate of Recommended Products issued by China National Construction Association of Building Engineering

The Engineering Tests our products passed, including:
1.Test Report issued by National Center For Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering
2.Test Certificate issued by ABU DHABI region