Insoplas is a member of the Insoexca Group of Companies.

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ul. Shanghai Xuhui District Wan Pingnan road 255 27 802
China, 200030 Shanghai

Activity description

INSOPLAS is a member of the INSOEXCA Group of Companies.
With the experience that INSOEXCA has gained over the last 25 years in the plastics industry, INSOPLAS developed alongside and focused on the manufacturing of large plastic products. With a high scale investment in machinery, moulds and technical support, INSOPLAS, (30% Chinese,30%American and 30%European) has successfully entered the international markets and continues to sell in the domestic market as well, due to the high competitiveness of its prices. Our experience has benefited us in offering high quality products under very tight schedules and deadlines. INSOPLAS operates 24hours a day, 365days ayear, to satisfy even the most demanding customer. The variety of products, their design, diversity and durability can pass the hardest endurance tests. We willingly offer you a sample to check !