Kemi Spa

PU molded foams agents, lubricants for the rubber and tyre industries

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ul. Via E. Marelli, 32/40
28060 S.Pietro Mosezzo (NO), Italy


KEMI Spa was founded in 1984.

Since 1995, production and offices are in the modern facilities of S. Pietro Mosezzo, close to Novara and only 50 Kms. from Milan.

Already strong of a big experience in the field of release and anti-stick agents, KEMI has been able to offer from its very beginning top quality products and become in a few years one of the leading factories in the sector. KEMI’s release agents are mainly addressed to PU molded foams for footwear and technical articles and more recently KEMI has started to develop lubricants for the rubber and tyre industries.

Thanks to her own philosophy of close partnership with her customers, KEMI is always able to develop products that really match the clients necessities in terms of performance and costs.
With a continuous push towards technological innovation, throughout these years KEMI has developed a complete range of solutions for the different fields of application.
The quality of our products is not only in terms of performances but also of environment and workers’ safety.
Besides traditional low-solids products, KEMI has developed a full range of high-solids formulations to reduced the emission of VOCs in the air.

Also, KEMI has been one of the first companies worldwide to put on the market completely water-based products with the full range of formulations of the series ECOLEASE, nowadays an internationally recognized brand in the waterbase release and anti-stick agents technology. Besides this trademark, KEMI is also owner of two patents concerning liquid release agent for TPR and a set of spraying equipment-release agent for the out of line treatment of flexible mandrels in the production of rehinforced rubber hoses.

The Company is ISO certified. Quality products from a qualified production is our daily commitment towards the full "customers’ satisfaction".