Kreyenborg GmbH

Recycling solutions

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ul. Coermühle 1
48157 Münster, Germany


The KREYENBORG GROUP was founded by the Kreyenborg GmbH, BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg GmbH and BSG Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH. Meanwhile the company BLS Integration GmbH & Co. KG also belong to the KREYENBORG Group.
Thanks to the collaboration of these companies, the experienced single component manufacturers now are a competent partner for integrated system solutions and complete turn-key lines.

The contact persons of the different business fields will be always at your disposal.

Product Line

Filtration Technology, Screen Changer, Polymerfilter
Melt Pumps, Extrusion Pumps
Valves, Diverter Valves, Bypass Valves
Plant Components, Mixers, Special Silos, Densifiers
Pelletizing Systems
Infrared Drum / Dryer IRD
Control Technique