Path Technology Limited

Modular belt, table top, flexi chain

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ul. No.246,huadi road
510370 Guangzhou, China

Activity description

Path technology Ltd. is a highly motivated company dedicated to the innovative design and manufacturing of high-quality yet cost-efficient conveyor belts and relative components for Food, Beverage and Pharmacy etc. industries. Our products line includes: Modular chains (Mat top chains), Solid top, Perforated top, Raised top, Vacuum; Flat top chains (Table top chains), Steel flat top chains, Thermoplastic flat top chains and Multiflex chains; Sprockets and Idler Wheels, Flights, TAB guide, Transfer plate, Transfer comb, Compact tracks, Chain guide components, Frame support components, Product handling components and Miscellaneous components.

High emphasis on R&D is our strong technology base, we have successfully combined the most up-to-date technologies to produce a range of products that meet the exact requirements of our customers. We also focus on custom-design, specialized products to integrate into your system, your customize is our standard. We believe that our faith of valuing customers’ needs more than anything, with our speed of development and technical ability, has established the basis for long lasting growth and success.

Our factory is located in Guangzhou China. We are provided with superior testing instruments and committed staff, strict production criterion to guarantee our products quality. Your requirements would be well taken care of here.