Peiyu Plastics Corporation

Manufacturer of PVC, PET, PP, PS films blisters, containers, trays, clamshells

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ul. No.18-2, Lane 86, Fengjiang Rd
Taishan, Taipei, Taiwan


Peiyu Plastics Corporation is funded by Lin Chin-Chuan in June 1978. Starting with only 3 employees in a 95 meter square storage facility in Taipei, Peiyu began as a small plastic distributor which serves Taipei area. With integrity in mind, Peiyu continue to grow in Taiwan. In 1992, Peiyu opened its second distributing location in Taichung named Tongyu Plastics. In 1997, Peiyu opened its third distributing location in Tainan named Fuyu Plastics. In 1998, Peiyu opened its fourth distributing location in Shen Zhen, China named Huayu Plastics.

All distributing companies follow the same management principle as our founder’s. Each distributing location services its immediate area, and together Peiyu Plastics Corporation has distributing lead that no other company has. With this advantage, Peiyu opened its own manufacturing plant , Tungyu Plastics, in Taichung in 2004.

Now, Peiyu Plastics Corporation has total of about 150 people, 26,500 meter square of facility, and about 4 million tons of plastic sales yearly. Peiyu Plastics continue serving its customer with highest standards in mind; our goal is to expand our service worldwide.