Polymer Innovations

super absorbent, lineal & flocculating polymers

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ul. PO Box 431
2330 NSW Singleton, Australia

Activity description

We specialise in cost effective super absorbent, lineal & flocculating polymers to assist in the management & efficient use of water & pollution.

These easy to use products can seal leaking dams, save water, suppress dust, prevent soil erosion, control toxic pollution, stabilise run-offs or maintain roads & crops.

We also design polymers that make artificial snow, assist with gardens, parks & landscaping or even stabilise floral arrangements for your displays.
Our continual research & development ensures that we meet the specific requirements & conditions of our clients.
We work with you to support your team on getting the best performance from our polymers.

All products are manufactured in Australia at the highest quality; environmentally friendly, biodegradable & non toxic.
Available to purchase on the internet via our online store.