Proto Labs Inc.

the world’s fastest provider of CNC machined and injection molded parts

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ul. 5540 Pioneer Creek Dr.
United States of America, 55359 Maple Plain

Activity description

Our single focus is to provide new product designers with the easiest, fastest and least-expensive way to obtain low volumes of parts based on their 3D CAD design. Our Firstcut CNC machining service supports an array of engineering-grade resins as well as aluminum, and our Protomold plastic injection molding service offers hundreds of material choices to designers. This capability is applicable to all markets, including but not limited to medical devices, electronics, appliance, automotive and consumer products.

Proto Labs has radically changed the economics and lead times associated with obtaining CNC machined or injection molded parts. We routinely ship parts to design engineers before they can even get quotes from conventional suppliers, sometimes as fast as the next business day.

We can do this because we have automated the manual processes normally associated with mold design and toolpath generation through the use of proprietary software running on a compute cluster at over 2 trillion floating point operations per second. Our ProtoQuote® and FirstQuote® systems are interactive and provide free manufacturability analysis based on the 3D CAD information provided by the customer. And we do all of this in-house, with the scale that is required to support the largest projects.