Scan Holdings

leading packaging company: steel food cans, paper labels etc.

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ul. F-4, Shopping Complex
India, 110 087 New Delhi

Activity description

Scan Holdings is a leading packaging company, spread across five continents. Catering to the packaging needs of the food and beverage Industries. Our products are used for packing a large variety of products like tuna, meat, fruits, vegetables, instant coffee, nuts, tobacco, milk, fruit juice, beer and so on.

Established in 1995, the company swiftly dominated the packaging markets with its competitively priced quality products. Today, with resourceful avenues of global sourcing, Scan Holdings has an extensive range of quality packaging products to offer.

The company is spearheaded by a young team, which has the right expertise and experience to service its customers in every part of the world. Thus the team has also successfully introduced several innovative products to the world of packaging.

With clients spread over Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America, Scan Holdings has developed a good reputation for dependability, quality and the range of products that it offers, and for its service excellence.