Scraps Industries, Inc

We renowned supplier and exporters of LDPE film scrap, HDPE film bales, PET bottles scrap. And we seek for potentials buyer to expand our business with.

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ul. 10221 Farragut Ct
20109 Manassas, United States of America

Activity description

Let’s talk a little about us; we’re Scraps Industries, Inc. based in the Virginia, United States and handling various types of plastic scraps in variety grades and form. We established in 1993 with the aim to keep the environment clean and glad to we have turned waste into business. Since we handle various type of plastics, paper, ferrous and non ferrous metals scrap and we have always been providing our customer nothing but best of quality. Regarding the quality, we believe in good quality because that what keep us going since 1993. Furthermore, with decades of our experience, along our experts, we provide accordingly to our customer demands, since our main priority have been satisfaction of our customers, we’re having ongoing supply of LDPE film in bales, LDPE rolls scrap, PET bottles scrap, HDPE film bales/rolls, PVC medical tube scrap and etc.

Born with vision and are to be your partner in times of provide scraps material. Nevertheless, geographically, we ship and deliver globally.  May you be interested in any plastics material, please kindly check our website and contact us along with your requirements, so we may have chance to cooperate with you and serve you better..

Metals, plastics and papers scrap, such as EPS Block scrap, Bopp film rolls scrap, PMMA SCRAP, PVC Medical scrap, Aluminum wheel scrap, Aluminum UBC Can scrap, Aluminum Wire scrap, PU foam scrap, PVC SCRAP, Used Oak Barrels, Ldpe film rolls scrap, Ldpe film bales scrap, Hdpe drum scrap, PP Jumbo bags scrap, Pet bottle scrap, OINP, ONP SCRAP, Electric Motor scrap, Aluminum extrusion 6063 scrap, OCC SCRAP, Hdpe milk bottle scrap. We can supply the above-mentioned material on a monthly basis. Contact us for terms and condition if interested!