Soretrac supplies the widest possible range of packaging films, whether for food or non-food applications, adhesives and products for the printing industry

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ul. Philipp-Reis-Straße 22
D-63128 Dietzenbach-Steinberg, Germany

Activity description

Soretrac supplies the widest possible range of packaging films, whether for food or non-food applications, adhesives and products for the printing industry.

With its extensive technical and commercial experience, SORETRAC can supply an entire range of films, whether blank or printed, which meet the technical requirements of each process.

Shrink films, coextruded films, barrier or anti-fog films, with or without micro-perforations etc. SORETRAC can advise you which technical solution to choose and how to implement it.

With a department entirely dedicated to the printing industry, SORETRAC can offer print professionals with a range of essential solutions to satisfy demanding requirements.

Specialising in finishing products, SORETRAC is the number one partner for the printing and print finishing industry.
SORETRAC can supply a wide variety of innovative technologies including: UV adhesives, metallised films, acrylic varnishes, preglued dry laminating films, high gloss coated films etc.

Capable of cutting any substrate in any format, SORETRAC takes account of your every requirement. Responsiveness and relevant choices are the key features of our collaboration.

The various ranges of adhesives selected by SORETRAC are the result of ongoing research with major manufacturers combined with our unique experience in complementary applications as varied as labelling, assembly or book binding.

Over the past 20 years, SORETRAC has gained wide-ranging expertise in adhesive bonding, whether high speed glueing of deep-frozen packs or the production of books and dictionaries. Seeking ever greater performance with the FUTURA range or other innovations is a challenge which we are responding to for all our customers.
All projects, coating adhesives, resistance to high temperatures, special assembly tasks, are handled with the greatest possible thoroughness and professionalism.

SORETRAC can supply thermoforming films, shrink films, printed or blank, on reels or in sheets, on site for all types of machinery and any cycle speed.

SORETRAC provides the right answer for any application with stretchable films for palettisation, covers or alternatively heat shrink sheaths.
Particularly suitable for high volumes, the solutions suggested are entirely compatible with long-term use.


• Specific responses to your needs, requirements and expectations, whether it's a matter of personalisation, simple marking, promotional offers or sophisticated visuals to show off your products, your brand image or that of your customers (multiple retailers) to its advantage

• Printing by photogravure and flexography (1 to 11 colours for photogravure; 6 to 8 colours for flexography) on the surface or between layers, in particular for multilayer food films, on all kinds of substrate and for any kind of application

• Specific development adjusted to each project we carry out, both with regard to print validation and technical reliability

• Whether for short, medium or long runs, our goal is always to meet the customer's specific requirements.