asua Products, S.A.

Additives for PVC, Polyolefines and Rubber

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ul. Sangroniz, 20
48150 Sondica, Spain


Additives for PVC >> asúa Products, S.A. has more than 50 years experience in Additives for Plastics. Known as an historical producer of Stabilisers for PVC, today asúa manufactures taylor-made one-packs for all PVC applications: Pipes. Profiles. Cables. Injection Moulding. Sheets and Films .

Including all necessary ingredients: Stabilisers. Lubricants. Colour. Processing Aids. Impact Modifiers. Welding Agents. Blowing Agents. Flame Retardants.

Additives for Polyolefins
asúa has launched a range of Masterbatches for Polyolefins including Colours, different kinds of Fillers and Flame Retardants, using advanced TPEs as carrier.

Additives for Rubbers
asúa offers since 1996 a complete range of Additives for the Rubber Industry including the ASPRO range of
Processing Aids.